Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of t-shirts are you selling?

A: At the moment we sell two types of t-shirt: The American Apparel 2001 (Unisex T-shirt) and The American Apparel 2102 (Girly T). We use American Apparel because their products really high quality and made in the USA by workers that are paid and treated fairly. They're also a little more expensive, but we figure you're worth it.

Q: Where do the designs come from?

A: Jaybill McCarthy. He designs everything you see in this shop. If you'd like to tell him he's great or yell at him or whatever, his email is

Q: I'd like to buy a bunch of shirts to sell in my physical store. Do you do wholesale?

A: Yes! We can do bulk orders and offer wholesale pricing with pretty small minimum quantities. Please contact us for more details.