Sometime in mid-2011 I decided it would be fun to draw a picture. I took some paper out of my printer and some felt tip pens and drew a strange picture of Nintendo's Mario. It looked like this:

On some level, this is a serviceable cartoon drawing of a character from a video game, but there's also something profoundly wrong with it. Maybe it's that his hands are too big and not 'cartoony' enough. Maybe it's that the perspective is all wrong or that he appears to be emerging from a singularity. All that's probably true, but those aren't this drawing's worst offenses. No, it's the eyes, isn't it? Mario looks like he got his hands on some high quality hallucinogenics. Psilocybin, probably. Noting this, I added the following caption:

I had a hearty chuckle at this, but more importantly, I had discovered it was pretty gratifying to draw weird things in the service of amusing myself. I drew a bunch of them and showed them to some friends. My friends encouraged me to put them online somewhere, which I did. I kept drawing and posting more of drawings, for no other reason than they made me chuckle and I thought someone else might enjoy them. 

Well, people did enjoy them, and it wasn't long before I had something of a following. A number of people suggested that some of my drawings would make great t-shirt designs, so I found a service that printed t-shirts and put a few together. To my utter amazement, a lot of people bought them. Like...a lot of them. Way more than I ever thought. Encouraged, I decided to go into business designing t-shirts for people who share my peculiar brand of humor. I partnered with a good supplier and here we are!

Right...and who are you, exactly?

My name is Jaybill McCarthy. I live on a farm in rural Oregon. I have a beautiful wife who is an opera singer and teaches voice and an adorable son who runs around and gets into stuff. Together we raise alpacas, chickens, goats and turkeys. We also have a smattering of horses and dogs and I think there's even a cat running around here somewhere. 

For no good reason, here's a picture of my son and I on a recent adventure in the pasture.